6 Mistakes Homeschooler Often Made

by Jessica Alicey on

Some of these things are the homeschooler’s biggest mistake.

1. Delaying Homeschool Decisions

Most of the parents already know that school is not the only answer for children to get the education, but still force the children to go to school, because the norm told them so. Many things are being taught there which are just some repetitions.

These curriculum and methods actually are not suitable for everyone. Some children drop themselves out and move to another school to get a better education. However, they still receive the same methods there. Homeschooling is effective to develop children’s ability to the fullest, especially for those who need special treatments.

2. Buying too many books/materials (over spending)

Another common mistake is to buy many books. Some books often interest parents and make them think that the books will be useful for the homeschool. While in reality, mostly it ends up just being piled up and dusty in the corner of the bookcase.

3. Road Alone

With so many methods/affiliations, sometimes we feel different from others. Often homeschoolers feel incompatible with this group leading them to be alone in their choice. Moreover, if also added with the bombardment of negativity about this homeschool.

So often homeschoolers put a shield and isolate themselves. Meanwhile, the truth is that we should not walk alone. Homeschoolers need to find out, especially with those who have already lived with it. Those who have already taken this path can tell which route is passable and which one should be avoided.

4. Too busy with Test and Exam

Parents are often busy preparing the child to face this test by giving practice questions. The kind of test that all students will answer the same question, usually in multiple choice format, and each question has only one correct answer.

The ability which is valued here is to quickly answer the superficial questions that do not require real thinking. If the child is trained so, there is not much knowledge and skills to be had. Learning will become monotonous and boring.

5. Comparing Children Without Understanding

Parents also stuck to compare their children with other children without understanding the ability of their own child. In our modern society, parents will be very noisy about whether their children can read or not even though when they are still young.

If a neighbour’s child can read at the age of 4, while our child does not even know the entire alphabet, panic attacks. In fact, children will learn in time.

6. Being know it all

After knowing the ‘advantages’ and ‘greatness’ of homeschooling, many people feel that this is the best option. They often close their eyes to the fact that homeschooling is not suitable for everyone. In fact, in the extreme case, they tend to think that homeschooling method is best.

So, it tends to underestimate other methods. In fact, each child and each family have its own uniqueness.

One of the advantages of homeschool, is the educations provided are ‘tailored to suit the need of each family’. So, not all homeschoolers use the same method. Homeschoolers do not have to tell them that their homeschool method is the best.

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Written by: Jessica Alicey

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